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            Why is life this way for me ?

Do you have trouble coping with certain situations in your life.  

Do you struggle to find answers or figure out why things are way they are.

Would you like to free yourself from the way you life is evolving and have a better strategy.

Do you think that the is a better way to figure life out.

Get a free 15 minute personal online consultation.

Get the benefits and convenience of getting a personal consultation and advice withme when you visit to my online clinic.

If you need further consultationthe fee is €50 A typical consultation last 30-45 minutes. 

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More Info.

If you live in the Midlands you’ll find one of my Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture clinics close to you as there are three; in Mullingar, Longford and the K Club in Straffan Co Kildare.

Also contact me for information on my on line consultation if you need help or advice.

Clinic Addresses:

Priory House,  Chinese Medical Clinic, 6 Keons Trce Longford.

Whelans Pharmacys, Mullingar.

K Club, Straffan Co Kildare.

Phone: 087 -2726665

By appointment only