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Acupuncture is part of a comprehensive medical system. In the hands of a trained practitioner, not only is it safe but its clinical applications are enormous. 

Ancient Wisdom acupuncture, uses extremely fine, pre-sterilised, stainless steel needles which are inserted into your energy system at a series of appropriately selected acupuncture points on your bodies surface to restore your internal health.


Personal Coaching / Also Online

Personal coaching gives you the opportunity to assess all areas of your life and allows you time to focus on any relevant changes. It can assist you to break negative beliefs patterns that you may have. It can help you set a new challenging aspiration for you also.

So whatever your goals and ambitions you may have, life coaching can motivate you into making real change. !

This service is also offered on line.

Chinese Herbs.

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world and had a long history of safe use in the East and more recently in the western world. 

Chinese herbalism is just one aspect of the wider practice of Chinese medicine, which also includes the practice of Acupuncture. 

It has a long history of clinical effectiveness and because of this Chinese herbalism has become popular as a safe and effective treatmentfor several disorders in many countries around the world.

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I am a specialist in Traditioal Chinese Medicine ( tcm ) for over 25 years, having studied in the UK, USA, China and Ireland.
Ancient Wisdom was born out of a passion to make peoples lives better and to make a difference.
"I believe everyone can be helped with Traditional Chinese Medicine and personal coaching"
Gerry Ward
Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom For Modern Times

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If you live in the Midlands you’ll find one of my Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture clinics close to you, as there are three; in Mullingar, Longford and the K Club in Straffan Co Kildare.

Also contact me for information on my on line consultation if you need help or advice.

Clinic Addresses:

-Priory House  Chinese Medical Clinic 6 Keons Trce Longford

-Whelans Pharmacys Mullingar

-K Club Straffan Co Kildare

-Phone: 087  2726665

ONLINE CONSULTATIONS   by appointment.