"I believe that healing takes time and asking for the right help is a brave step"

“My passion for the last 30 years has been working with my clients and helping them overcome the challenges in their lives. Whether its with traditioal acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine or personal coaching useing NLP.  

I love sharing my personal develpment techniques that are required to overcome their fears, stress and anxieties and giving them the understanding and insight they need to get the best life possible.”


I focus on each individual’s unique combination of symptoms and overall health. Then, a program is developed to treat the underlying root cause. 

I will help you achieve health and balance to stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal itself. I also support you in making lifestyle changes that lead to the thriving, vibrant health and longevity you desire.

I also offer online consultation if you wish discuse persomal challenges to may be having or maybe you just need guidance on a personal level. This could on business stresses or on relationship issues or maybe you just advice on figureing out something and you need help.

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If you live in the Midlands you’ll find one of my Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture clinics close to you as there are three; in Mullingar, Longford and the K Club in Straffan Co Kildare.

Also contact me for information on my on line consultation if you need help or advice.

Clinic Addresses:

-Priory House  Chinese Medical Clinic 6 Keons Trce Longford

-Whelans Pharmacys Mullingar

-K Club Straffan Co Kildare

-Phone: 087  2726665

-By appointment


Ancient Wisdoms applications are enormous.