Pain Relief Cream
Skin Relief Cream
Our Skin Relief Cream is being used widely for psoriasis and eczema type of skin complaints with great results.The first symptoms to disappear are the redness and the burning itch,which is noticed a few days after applying. It varies from a week and a half to two weeks for the skin to improve.
  Infused with high quality Chinese Herbs.Our cream contain NO STEROIDS  or DRUGS .
Used effectively for pain, especially sports injuries and Arthritic types of pain anything that is swollen or inflamed.
Pain and Skin Relief Cream
No Steroids or Drugs
     in Our Creams
Safe And Easy To Use And No Side Effects
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Our Herbal Skin Relief Cream is infused with Chinese herbs and quick absorbing into the body.It is made of our own famous formula, It to cools and hydrate skin quickly.nourishing and repairing immediately.  Suitable for all skin types